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Hocus! Pocus! Appear! If I were Cinderella’s fairy godmother or Harry Potter,I could make my new photos upload,but since I am not,I will have to just “turn my lemons into lemonade” by looking at the bright side until my frend Frank can help me get the temporary uploading problem solved.

I have a photo from a recent interview on my camera as well as my recent parlor room baskets that I made for an upcoming wedding. There are also the wonderful photos that I took at The Canyon Ranch last week when I was lucky enough to spend a day there.All those photos will become part of my blog that WILL APPEAR SOONER RATHER THAN LATER!

For now,I will look at the good side. I can still post a blog,know that the problem is temporary,put good thoughts out into the UNIVERSE and be thankful for everything wonderful in my life!

We have to look at the glass as half full rather than half empty. The weather is partly sunny rather than partly cloudy. Cliche or not we all have to be reminded to look at the bright side rather than the negative side. Put a smile on your face and know that tomorrow is a new day and will get better.

I wish everyone a wonderful weekend!


Questions for Interview

Finer Things in Life- Eight Question for

 Someone Fabulous

1) Give me your vitals and how can the public visit your place of business?

a) Name- Liz King

b) Title- owner and social media events specialist

c) Business Name- Liz King Events

d) Website-

e) Phone- 914-299-5805

2a) How do you describe your company?

We do traditional meetings and we enhance and we enhance them using social media and tools The main objectve is to help the company better engage their attendees. Our company wants to build their event as well as organize their brand. Ultimately,we want them to become more efficient and successful.

2b) What is your message to your clients?

There is a lot of room for improvement to run their events. There are a lot of tools to help. They need someone to help them make the connection to what tools will help them.

3) For all the aspiring entrepreneurs out there,what is the secret of your success?

Relationships are vital. The more relationships you develop the better as well as being open to new ideas.

4) Who are four dinner guests you would like at your table? It can be anyone…past and present (historical figures,celebrity,family,etc.) Why?

Tony Hisieh of Zappos-genius at corporate cultures and relationships

John Marshall- learn leadership from him.

Mark Zuckerberg-pick his brain and find out how he is so consistently creative

Steve Jobs from Apple-wanted to find out how hemarketed and branded his company

5) What is the best gift you ever received? Why?

It has to be the scrapbook that my friends put together. I still do not know how they had the things they wrote.

6)What is your guilty pleasure?

It is reality tv such as reality tv. I also love crime shows and shows such as 60 Minutes and 48 Hours.

7)What is The Most Fabulous Place you ever visited?

i spent 3-4 weeks in Indonesia shortly after the Tsunami to help after all that destruction.It was still a beautiful place but very bittersweet. The people there are genuinely good. How freaky to look at the water and know that two months earlier there was a village standing there. It was more about the people there than the place itself.

8) What are The Finer Things in Your LIfe?

my family,especially,my little nephew as well as my friends. I cannot forget POPCORN!!!!!!!

“Been there Done That”

It is time to shake up and make your Bachelorette Parties and Bridal Showers unique and exciting!

Why not have a workshop at either event where the bride-to-be and her guests make their own creation which each of them get to create and keep. They each would have a choice of the container or basket they want to use as well as the items that are included into their gift baskets.

The lace bustier purse that you see here is perfect for a Bachelorette Party as well as for a Bridal Shower. At a Bachelorette Partty it would be fun to include items such as edible undies to include in the selection of items. If guests or the bride-to-be chose the bustier at the bridal shower pampering items such as lotions and soaps might be offered.

Another idea for a container might be the bridal carriage which could be a centerpiece at either event and the guests might decide to work on it as a group as a gift for the bride.

A high heel shoe is a sexy,fun container which makes me think of “Sex in the City.” You can include girly items in the shoe.

A metal bathtub is girly and fun . Pampering items such as lotions,bubble bath,perfume and soap are fun items to include as well as a figure of a bride.

The creations that are created by the guests can be their favors. How unique and fun is that! Everyone will have had fun and had a sense of accomplishment that they created their own “favor.”

There are so many games and ideas that are done at these events such as making wedding gowns out of toiet paper. They are fun but it is time to “shake things up a bit.”  You have to be in it to win it!”

  Recently,I had a delightful lunch and interview with Liz Green from Bar-Candy. Liz is a fascinating person who has done so much from modeling to bartending to going to school to become a therapist. In addition,she found the time to invent her fascinating and innovative product. I was throroughly intrigued. Ihad an enjoyable time throughout her time together and delicious lunch at Beyoglu.

                  Questions for Interview

Finer Things in Life- Eight Questions for Someone Fabulous

1) Give me your vitals. How can the public visit your place of  business?

a) Name:  Liz Green

b) Title: Owner

c)Business Name:  Bar-Candy

d) Website:

e) Phone:  917-603-0119

2a) How do you describe your company?

High end Belgium chocolate champagne glasses which can be used for champagne. It is a specialty item which is also patented. It can be used for dessert as well as for cocktails. This item can be used to match any color scheme.

2b) What is your message to your clients?

This is a luxury item that is well worth it!

3 For all the aspiring entrepreneurs out there,what is the secret of your success?

You don’t have to see the finish line. Ideas will inspire you as time goes on. All you need to know is your first step and everything will fall into place as time goes on.

4) Who are four guests you would like at your dinner table? (It can be anyone…past and present_ (historical figure,celebrity,family member,etc. Why?

Oprah- She would inject deep thinking around the table.

Simon Cowell- hysterical,says everything the way it is. He is also a nice guy with a good heart.

Dane Cook- I like funny people. He is “hot” and also in vogue.

My therapist-She is so real and does not get intimidated by fame or fortune. She is also one of the smartest  people I know.

5) What is the best gift you ever received? Why?

That would have to be my photo album given to me by my mom with photos dating back to my grandparents. My mom is artistic and made it look gorgeous. Everything was dated and it gave a picture of my family history.

6) What is your guilty pleasure?

That would have to be reality shows. I enjoy the “high class ones”such as The Celebrity Apprentice, The Bachelor,The Bachelorette and Dancing with the Stars.

7) What is The Most Fabulous Place you ever visited?

Tokyo when I was modeling which I did for seven years.

8)What are The Finer Things in Your Life?

Even though I enjoy high end pretty things,I don’t focus on those. I focus on the relationships I have in my life and my support network. I love getting to know people in depth which works perfectly with what I am studying to do which is working as a therapist involving psychodrama.

 Since more people today feel some sort of kinship with spirituality,I decided it was time to create a “Mystical Gift Basket.” When I think of the word mystical,I think of mysteries and secrets being revealed. We live in a fast-paced world where we are all constantly on the “GO.”

 We all need some answers sometimes when everything seems to be going wrong and all we want to say is,”Give me some peace and quiet. “The voices in our heads want and need to be silenced and replaced by joy and happiness. Relaxation and meditation can help.

A wonderful trip away for a few days definitely fits the bill but we cannot always get that to happen so why not give a basket like this to someone who is looking for a little guidance and relaxation.

Mystical means different things to different people. A basket like this can include anything one deems mystical or relaxing or spiritual. The items can include anything from candles to bath salts to tarot cards. In other words,”Different strokes for different strokes.’

  I have known Dana for a long time and have always been impressed with her drive and ambition. I knew she was talented way back when I went to a show she was in when she was in college. Her style is contemporary and I was awestruck with the beauty of her dancing. No surprise that she is now a successful chiropractor!

Read on to find out why she is fast becoming Long Island’s “go to” chiropractor!

                  Finer Things in Life- Eight Questions for Someone Fabulous

1) Give me your vitals and how the public can visit your place of business.

    a)Name: Dr. Dana Weissman Timmins

    b)/Title: Doctor and Owner

    C) Business Nme: Bellmore Village Chiropractic and Wellness

    d) Address: 110 Bedford Avenue

        Bellmore,New York11710

    e) Website: www,

    f) Phone: 516-809-9191

2) How do you describe your company?

 a)   I am dedicated to finding solutions to help my patients optimize their health. I am trained in traditional chiropractic adjusting,as well as in specific, gentle, low-force techniques. I have advanced training in pediatric and prenatal chiropractic care.

b) What is your message to your patients?

    I am passionate about helping people live happier,healthier lives.

    At Bellmore Village Chiropractic Wellness we offer the following services:

    Chiropractic Care

   Family Wellness Care

   Pregnancy & Pediatric Care

   Massage Therapy


3)For all the aspiring entrepreneurs out there,what is the secret of your success?

  Make a plan and take action! Follow your dreams and goals- never take NO for an answer  and don’t give up! Think Success- Not Failure!

4)Who are four guests you would like to have at your dinner table? (It can be anyone…past and present) (celebrity,historical figure,family,etc.) Why?

a) D.D. Palmer- founder of Chiropractic

b) Martha Graham- the “Picasso of modern dance.” She was an inspirational woman amd dance is one of the great passions of my life!

c) Lucille Ball- The original funny lady herself can always make me laugh even when I am down.

d) My grandfather George Handler- He died when I was nine. I miss him everyday and only wish I could have spent more time with him.

5) What is the best gift you ever received? Why?

The best gift I ever received was my engagement ring. It’s a beautiful token of my husband’s love. 🙂

6) What is your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is a day at the spa.

I love being pampered- facials,massages,manicures,pedicures- ahhhh!

7) What is The Most Fabulous Place you ever visited?

The most fabulous place I ever visited is Italy. I spent 2 weeks there on my honeymoon – Umbria,Tuscany, and Cinque Terre… It was breathtakingly beautiful! The people were wonderful, the sights were amazing and the culinary experience was incredible,especially, the wine and gelato!

8)What are The Finer Things in Your Life?

The finer things in my life are not actually things to me. Life is too short and I treasure and value my time with my husband and family.

In the Northeast this year we had a horrible winter. Each day was gray,cold and very often sunny. I almost forgot what SUN looked like until I took a trip to California early in February where the sun was out each day strong and vibrant. The temperature was about 70 degrees. I felt excited about getting up in the morning,getting dressed and starting a new day.

There is definitely truth that we feel optimistic and hopeful when we have sun instead of cloudy,gray days continuously.

Recently my friend Prudence Theriault suggested I create a “Sunshine” Basket. The more I thought of it the more I loved the idea. So I had a mission to create a gift basket to remind people what “Sunshine” can do to your life and to your mood.

Today the weather is about 80 degrees with sun all around and no humidity, It makes me want to get outside and Run, Jump and Skip!

Now,I would be remiss if I did not mention another aspect o”Sunshine.” We all have experienced some ups and downs in our lives. I know we all know someone who could use a bit of Sunshine That is why I created this basket to put Sunshine back into our lives.Enjoy the Sunshine!