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Last year at this time I was busy raising money getting ready to walk in The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.I had to raise $1700 and it was a big commitment both in time and stamina but I do not regret a minute of it.

In the two days that Lisa and I walked there were moments I just wanted to go home. The first day the wind was horrible and the second day exhaustion came into play but when I start something,I don’t give up until it is finished! At the end of the weekend we had walked over 26 miles. Why? It was because we were bringing awareness and money to eradicate the insidious disease of breast cancer.

When I wanted to give up,I thought of my mother and two friends.I knew they were proud of what I was doing and did not want me to stop until I had finished the walk.

It also helped to have Lisa with me. We talked,laughed,walked,complained,ate and get each other going when “the going got rough.”

This year I am not doing the walk but am doing my part in other ways like contributing money for research to eradicate this disease as well as making my brand new Breast Cancer Awareness Gift Basket filled with pink goodies from a pink whisk to a pink animal loofah sponge all the way to a pink wrist band and much more.

This basket is perfect for every breast cancer awareness event that will be going on all through the country during the month of October. I am proud to do my part and I hope in my lifetime we can say,”No More Cancer!”

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Fall is officially here. The crispness is in the air at night,jackets are a must,the leaves will begin to change soon and would you believe Halloween is around the corner?

What else does that mean? Football Season is here! Significant others,boyfriends and husbands will be unavailable on Sundays till about February for more than a grunt or “Hon,can I have another beer?”

Football parties wil be all around us as well as Bar Mitzvahs and parties with football as theirtheme will be sprouting up everywhere. A perfect gift when you are invited to a football party is our Football Gift Basket filled with such “GOODIES” as chocolate footballs,chips,pretzels and so much more! You will be the hit of the party!

So many Bar Mitzvahs and parties have football as their theme and with a Football Gift Basket you can’t go wrong. It can also be tailored to specific teams and colors. Last year I did a Bar Mitzvah where the boy loved the New England Patriots.The basketsfor the tables as well as for the favors were all done with the Patriot colors. There were out of town guests and I did the Patriot gift boxes for each of their rooms. Everyone talked about them for days.

Originality,Creativity and Fun are three words that resonate with me. That is why I enjoy Football Gift Baskets because they are never the same as well as the “Basket” itself. The basket can be a football box,and even a basket shaped as a football. Think out of the box!

I hope your team wins this week!

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Been there! Done That! Don’t you get tired of seeing carbon copies everyone you go! So do I.

If everyone around is wearing the newest,must-have jacket of the season,I buy something else. I feel the same way with my creations. I want my creations to have personality and be unique.

Last summer I was itching to create a “basket” fashioned after “Sex and the City.” Once I decided to use a high heel show reminiscent of Carrie who loved her Manolo’s the rest was easy. I used an animal print high heel and filled it with girlie stuff such as nail polish.

I have gotten such positive feedback on my concept as well as orders that I know I am on the right track.

I felt it would appeal to the wedding trade. In my vision I saw my “basket” at bridal showers as well as Bachelorette Parties but the vision can and will be expanded.

I recently met Christine Brower who is a fascinating woman and owns not one but two companies. One of them is an event planning company and her other company does wedding shows.

She is doing a wedding show in New Jersey next month and my shoe appeals to her. She wants me to create a “basket” using a silver glitter pump using her products as well as mine.

The silver glitter pump had to be right. It took some doing but I finally found it and I can’t wait to meet with Christine again and start the creating part of this venture.

Stay tuned for an update on this project!

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Fall Harvest Basket

Do you believe that summer is about over? You can begin to feel it in the air early in the morning or early in the evening. Soon it will be time for sweaters and UGH! even jackets.

Don’t despair! Autumn has its joys. Every season does. There is the beauty of the palette of different and amazing colors on the trees. The days are still warm and the evenings are just a little brisk but not cold. It is perfect weather for a long walk or even a jog.

The New York Marathan is in the autumn which is an amazing test of endurance each  November.Halloween is a fun holiday for children as well as adults. Creativity comes out when you plan your costume for trick-or-treating or that party you are throwing or have been invited to. Thanksgiving,which happens to be one of my favorite holidays,is in November. It is a time to spend with family and friends and to remind us that we need to be thankful for what we have each day of our lives.

That is why I created this Fall Harvest Basket. There are so many events and parties we attend this season and what a perfect gift to bring. It is a perfect gift for a housewarming party and a great hostess gift. With a few “tweaks” and additions it can be perfect for Halloween or Thanksgiving.

For Halloween the container can even be a pumpkin and for Thanksgiving it can be a turkey.

It can be a Gourmet Autumn Food Basket. Some of the goodies that are perfect to include for this season are caramel popcorn,chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate,coffee and so much more! What can be included is only limited by your imagination.

Remember things and people may come into your life for a reason,a season or a lifetime.We don’t always know which category people and things fall into till much later. The lesson here is to “Enjoy and Make the most of each day we are given. Don’t forget to remember the people who mean the most to you!”

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 Can you relate? You are all dressed up at an elegant event and suddenly the hem on your pants or dress is starting to come down. What can you do? If you are at a venue that has Parlor Room Baskets in their parlor rooms you have your answer.

A lot of Parlor Room Baskets have needle and thread included in their baskets. At least,ours do because I have been a victim of my hem coming down and searching frantically for tape or safety pins to keep me together for the rest of the day or evening.

Such items as needle and thread are necessities that should be a staple in these baskets. These baskets come in all different sizes and shapes but they all include basic necessities. Some have more and some have less depending on the size and the host’s preferences.

Some of the items that are usually included are needle and thread,Q-tips,deodorant,aspirin,toothbrushes and toothpaste,nail files and even pantyhose and razors can be included.

Some venues supply such baskets but  more often than not they do not supply them and that is where we come in. We customize them to the affair as well as to the number of guests and everyone’s needs.

In the past you often found these baskets in the woman’s parlor room but now it has become the vogue and necessity to include them in the men’s rooms also. Why should men be left out?

These baskets can be found at all kinds of events from Sweet Sixteens all the way to weddings. Next time you have an event dont forget The Parlor Room Baskets!

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