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A few weeks ago I met Ninoska from Alva Events at a cocktail party hosted by The Wedding Salon. I told her I would love to interview her for my blog. We recently sat down,had a lovely lunch and an enlightening interview. I was impressed with her vision and the way she treats each clients as you will see below.

                                                 Questions for Interview

Finer Things in Life- Eight Questions for Someone Fabulous

Give me your vitals:

1) Who are you and how can the public visit your place of business?

    Name: Ninoska

    Title: Owner of Alva Events

    Business Name: Alva Events


    Phone:  646-504-0538

2) How do you describe your company?

2a) What is your message to your client?

       I want my clients to feel like family. My vision is that the connection I make with each client carries over to each of them wanting to plan all of their special occasions with me from their engagement party all the way to their baby shower.

2b) Why should they care about your business?

       The reason is that I care about them.

3) For all of the aspiring entrepreneurs out there, what is the secret of your success?

I listen to each client and work with their ideas and visions.

4) Who are four guests you would like at your dinner table? It can be anyone…

     (past and present- historical figure,celebrity,family members,etc.) Why?

a)    Marilyn Monroe- I would like to know how she coped with everything including all of ther pressures in her life.                                                                           

b)Jacqueline Onassis- I am so curious how it was for her to transition into public life when JFK became President. What was her secret to keeping her children’s lives so normal

c) -Salma Hayek- I want to discuss with her if she always knew she wanted to be an actress and where her ambition comes from.

d) Shakira- I want her to know how much I admire her.

5)What is the best gift you ever received? Why?

    An adopted aunt who is a bundle of joy

6) What is your guilty pleasure/

    chips and dips

7) What is The Most Fabulous Place you ever visited?


8)What are The Finer Things in Your Life?

    My morals



2 Cups Inspiration

1 Cup Inspiration from my Client

2 1/2 Cups of Creativity

5 Cups of Great Products

1 Beautiful Basket or Container

1 Cup of Positive Energy


Stir all of the ingredients together.

VOILA, You have a Beautiful Basket all assembled and ready

To BEDAZZLE the WORLD!!!!!!!…..

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Taina Cunningham

Here’s my interview! Thank you so much for this opportunity!! 🙂 

Finer Things In Life- 8 Questions For Someone Fabulous

1. Give me your vitals.

Who are you and how can the public visit your place of business?

Name: Taina Cunningham

Title: Owner and Certified Wedding and Event Planner of Taina Events and Design

Business Name: Taina Events and Design


Phone: 646.241.6620


2. How do you describe your company?

I would describe Taina Events and Design as a business that can provide you with everything for your event planning needs. My business and technique gears more towards the Modern day/ DIY (do-it-yourself) type of client. Although my services are available to any client my style and view on design definitely has a modern day, rustic, and chic approach. 

What is your message to your client?

My message to my clients would be “I will be with you every step of the way”. Why keep it that short you ask? Well…because I want my clients to know that I have a heart. I am not here for the paycheck, I’m here because of my passion. Design has been apart of me all of my life. It’s my drive and fuels my soul. With each event that I design for a client I become more and more fulfilled. I love what I do and that’s a message that not very many people can relay to their clients. When you have a business that runs on passion there is no room for failure. 

Why should they care about your business?

Why should my clients care about my business…well, simply because I care about them. 

3. For all the aspiring entrepreneurs out there what’s the secret of

your success?

Well, I’m definitely not an expert. I’m just an ordinary person, a person that dreams just like everyone else in life dreams but I just simply wanted “more” in my life. I wanted to actually live my passion and my dream. My advice to anyone will always be to explore your passions and dreams, don’t ever sell yourself short. Believe in yourself, you’ll be surprised by the outcome. 


4. Name four guests you would like at your dinner table? Why? (It can be anyone…past or present) (celebrity, historical figure, family, etc.)

If I could choose to invite any 4 guests to my dinner table I would start by inviting Martha Stewart. I love this woman. Yes, I know she went to jail, but we all make mistakes no human being is perfect and we must always forgive and move forward. She is a woman of amazing talent. My friends and family like to poke fun and call me the “Puerto Rican Martha Stewart”! I can’t believe I just shared that with everyone! Lol. But yes Martha Stewart.. I would love to pick her brain, hear her stories, secrets to her success, etc. Another dinner guests would have to be Preston Bailey. He is an award winning event designer with such talent I couldn’t even find words to describe it. He is renowned for his breathtaking weddings, unique florals designs, floral artistry, let’s just say The Works!!! I would love to hear how he does it all. Where he comes up with these designs and what inspires him. My third guest would be Salma Hayek, a Mexican american actress, director and producer. She is one of the most prominent Mexican figures in Hollywood. I am a huge fan of her charitable work with increasing awareness of violence against women. She has also worked in developing nations worldwide to help stop the spread of life threatening maternal and neonatal tetanus. I think she is an amazing women and I would just love the opportunity to sit down with her to hear about her life and life experiences. And last but not least my forth guest would be Pablo Picasso, a Spanish painter and sculptor. He was a man of extraordinary talent. To be able to sit down at a table with this man to hear about his theories, techniques and ideas about his work would truly be an unforgettable moment.

5. What is the best gift you ever received? Why?

I would say the best gift that I have ever received would be my husband, Eric. He is an amazing man who I just couldn’t picture my life without. He has taught me things & given me a type of love that no words could ever describe. He’s my rock. My motivation. My heart. A true gift from God.  

6. What is your guilty pleasure?

I would have to say that my guilty pleasure is definitely shopping! But not just shopping for myself. Shopping for our home! I love designing our home over and over and OVER! It’s so much fun for me. It’s like living some where new every few months. It’s a great guilty pleasure if you ask me. 🙂

7. What is the Most Fabulous Place you ever visited?

The most fabulous place I have ever visited. Hmmm. I don’t think that I have visited such place yet. I love Aruba. The beaches there are so beautiful. But as for the most fabulous place… I’ll have to get back to you about that one, this world that we live in has some great hidden treasures. I’ll let you know once I find mine. 

8. What are The Finer Things in Your Life?

The finer things in life for me to be honest is life itself. Life is a beautiful thing that unfortunately many of us take for granted. You only have one life to live and I feel that we should all live it to its greatest possible potential. Enjoy every moment with the people you love. Don’t hold grudges or hate, learn to forgive and move forward. Lose the stress that we all hold onto so much. It’s holding you back. It’s stifling your creativity. Life is too short not to celebrate and enjoy its finer things. Savor the victories, big or small. Make them memorable and worthwhile. “Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you”. -Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Mark and Alla Krutyansky

Questions for Interview

Finer Things in Life- Eight Questions for Someone
Give me your vitals:
Who are you and how can the public  visit your place of business?
Name- Mark and Alla Krutyansky
                                                             Business Name: Abella Studios
                                                             271 Rte.46
                                                             84 Bruswickwood Drive
                                                            East Brunswick, NJ
                                                            Phone: Fairfield-973-575-6633
                                                                           East Brunswick-732-254-8000
 *2) How do you describe your company?
         We do events involving photography and cinematography. Our company
         does weddings. AT our events we have photo booths.
*2b) Why should they care about your business?
           superior imagery at incredible value
*2c)  Why should they care about your business?
           We know what it takes to create breathtaking work at good value. we don’t cut corners. Photos are the only thing left at the end of an event.
*3)For all the aspiring entrepreneurs out there, what’s the secret of your
      honesty,integrity, and giving the client more than 100%
*4 Who are four dinner guests you would like at your table? It can be anyone…
      (past and present… historical figure,family member,celebrity,etc.) Why?
      Tony Robbins- motivational
     Jennifer Lopez-pick her brain on how she is so successful
     Robert Kiyosaki- “Working smarter not harder”
     Michael Gerber- more business development and able to pick his brain
*5)What is the best gift you ever received? Why?
      Our children because of unconditional happiness no matter what
*6)What is your guilty pleasure?
      margaritas-Alla    dark chocolate-Mark
*7) What is The Most Fabulous Place you ever visited?
        Neves off the coast of St.Kitts
*8) What are The Finer Things in your life?
        travel-elaborate vacations We take care of ourselves and each other.
       We use a personal trainer. Our health and looks are not forgotten. We take
      care of ourselves by having regular massages.
     Our home is very important to us. We always wanted our own home.

Caricature of “ME” (Elaine) done at the cocktail party by Steve Wyman of AAA Caricatures

Last evening I was invited to another spectacular cocktail party hosted by The Wedding Salon. It took place at The Roger Williams Hotel.

There were horsd’oeuvres that were passed around on trays all evening long.They were all served on little pieces of crusted bread. One,especially,appealed to me which was the smoked salmon.There was a bar where you could get anything from water to champagne.
I met a lot of interesting vendors from an event planner all the way to a florist.Each one had interesting ideas to share and I cannot wait to contact each one and talk further with them.
How fun was it to have Steve Wyman there who sat a table off on the side doing caricatures of the guests. I could not resist. Steve asked me what I like to do for a hobby and I told him that I loved to do ballroom and Latin dancing.
As you can see on my caricature is musical notes and my little feet dancing away! How cool was that!
It was a very classy affair. Everyone was friendly and willing to share.
The Wedding Salon always throws unique,informative and fun affairs.
I am so glad I went last evening and can’t wait until the next one.

Sandi Silva from Save the Date Now and Shannon Clapp from The Busy Bride's Helper

For almost a year now Sandi Silva from Save the Date Now and I have been wanting to meet and have had no success.

Sandi had contacted me recently that she was hosting a bridal workshop in Sea Girt,New Jersey. She asked if I wanted to attend the showcase on Saturday June 4th. She even offered to pick me up at the train station and bring me back after the workshop was done.

I decided to go and am not sorry in the least.

I got to see what Sandi, who is a wedding planner, does close up as well as other vendors Sandi works with including Shannon Clapp,who specializes in lovely invitations as well as unique favors.

We got to sit down and brainstorm while waiting for the brides and their entourages to arrive. Sometimes more heads put together comes up with interesting ways to drive business to your company as well as ways to partner up with talented vendors, who happen to be nice people as well!

The brides arrived with their entourages including maid of honor,and ,usually, a bridesmaid or two. Some of them came with their mothers and sisters too.

Each bride was eager to see what we could do to make their wedding events fun,memorable and exciting. We each had handouts and giveaways to give each attending bride.

I showed some of my samples and told each bride what could be done for their wedding events to make them unique.

Some of them did not realize that some venues do not include parlor room baskets.

A lot of brides were interested in the Welcome Baskets or bags for the out of town guests. I told them that you can do them in many different ways. Two ways are to include things that are associated with the city where the wedding is taking place as well as a basket or bag to give them items to make them comfortable such as bottled water,pretzels,cookes and more.

I also had a raffle which everyone was excited about. I raffled off a pampering basket all done up in organza pinks and purples. Included inside was a loofah sponge,body lotion,shower gel and more. Each item was pink! Can it get any “girlier?”

All in all, at the end of the afternoon a feeling of satisfaction was had by all. I felt like I had met some interesting vendors as well as helping brides to be now and ,possibly,in the near future.

It was a good day!

       Questions for Interview

       Finer Things In Life- 8 Questins for Someone Fabulous

  Give me your vitals:

 1. )Who are you and how can the public visit your place of business?

        Name: Melissa Rodriguez

        Title: Principal Planner

        Business Name: Pink Chic Events

       Phone: 845-926-8207

      *2) How do you describe your company?

             My style of events is elegant and classy. My goal is to keep up

         the tradition of the grace and elegance of Audrey Hepburn and

        Grace Kelly.

      *2b) What is your message to your customer and why should they

        care about your business?

        I don’t want anybody to regret any part of their special day. I

       I want that day to be special and that the bride and groom will

      remember it as a day “unlike any they have yet experienced.”

    *3) For all the aspiring entrepreneurs out there,what’s the 

      secret of your success?

     I have never lost my morals. I never take advantage of people.

    It is important to always remember that it is an honor to 

   create to be allowed to create a couple’s special day!

 *4) Who are four dinner guests you would like at your table. They can be anyone. This includes people from the past and present as well as historical,celebrity,family,etc.

John Lennon is one because I love his music as well as all of the Beatles because their music breathes peace and love. I pick Oprah

Winfrey as my next guest because she started from nothing and look what she has accomplished.

My last guest is definitely my mother. She is so funny  She helps organize me and helps me as an event designer.

*5) What is the best gift you ever received?

 My dog is my best gift and can’t be replaced. My dog was given to me

 from my grandfather.

*6) What is your guilty pleasure?

 Reality shows such as “Jersey Shore” and “The Housewives of Orange County”

*7) What is the Most Fabulous Place you ever visited?

 Santorini- The Greek Islands

 *8)What are The Finer Things in your life?

 The people in my life are very important to me. I love sharing a 

 bottle of wine with my friends and family.