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I recently decided to create a few new baskets and this is one of them called “Dancing Under the Stars.” This creation was requested by my esteemed dance teacher Andrzej Marianski.

He wanted to see a prototype of a romantic dance basket that he could use to give to his students when they competed in a dance competiton or a showcase given by his studio. The only criterion I was given was that it be fun and romantic at the same time.

I created a profile of Andrzej to begin my project. Andrzej is a wonderful dancer,a giving person,Funny,Funny and more Funny as well as being chivalrous and a romantic himself.

That being said I had to think what I wanted this creation to look like. I decided to create a scene on a balcony with two elegant dancers dancing away to “Dancing Cheek by Cheek.” I guess you can say I am a hopeless romantic and not ashamed to admit it either.   

The couple are dancing on a summer’s eve with a sky filled with a million stars.On the balcony are quite a few flowerpots filled with an array of beautiful flowers in full bloom. They have a beautiful chandelier surrounding them as well as a spotlight shining on them.

There are dance magazines surrounding them as well as a CD of Fred Astaire and Ginger Roger’s movie “Shall We Dance.”

Andrzej knows it is ready for his inspection. I cannot wait for his reaction and for the reaction of his students when they receive “Dancing Under the Stars.”

I am going to be putting this creation on my website soon.

Shortly,I will be unveiling my other two new creations.

Until then.

Don’t forget to put some music and dance into your life!

They can change your life in ways you could never imagine!


Avon Walk for Breast Cancer-October,2010

As Memorial Day approaches I realized that “Giving Back” would be a most appropriate blog post.

I was thinking this morning how the soldiers all through time went into battle to make us free and safe knowing very well that they might not live to  see the next day but onward and upward they went.
It is most fitting that we honor these brave men and women.
Last year around this time I wanted to do somethng to give back. My mom,(my angel) battled breast cancer and so did two good friends.
My friend Lisa decided to do the walk and last June I signed on and felt good about my decision.For the next four and a half months I trained for the walk which was two days and over 26 miles.
I also had to raise $1700. Friends and family were more than generous to me and I want to thank them again for opening their hearts and purses for this wonderful cause.
It was like a job because I was determined to raise all of the money so I could walk for them. I had to get creative. Two Weight Watcher leaders let me talk at meetings,I stood in front of my local supermarket and had a fundraiser where I had raffles and my dance teacher Andrzej taught dance lessons to raise money as well as sitting outside on a bench on a vacation at The Jersey Shore.
I was outside of my comfort zone but I kept reminding myself of why I was doing all this and it spurred me on.
I raised my last few dollars hours before I had to turn in the money.
Lisa and I had an amazing experience walking the walk with thousands of others.The spirit was high and we walked on adrenalin.
It was amazing to reach the finish line which is the photo I have included in this blog. Suze Orman was the speaker at the closing ceremony.
I will never forget that experience.
I am eager to do another cancer walk again.
It felt wonderful that I had accomplished my goal and was helping to educate people as well as having a part in raising money that would go to eradicate this insidious disease.
Have a great holiday weekend! Think about you can give back!

I love been inspired. It can be as  simple as opening a magazine and seeing an artcle that inspires a new idea, I never know where new ideas will inspire me to create new gift baskets to add to my ever growing inventory of samples.

When the “Sex in the City” movie came out, it inspired me to create me to appeal to women living in big cities. It started with a high heel shoe and went from there to become something unique and quite interesting indeed!

Now,I am almost finished with my dance basket. It is quite impressive if I do say so myself. It all started when Andrzej Marianski asked me to create a basket that he could use to give to students of his who compete in competitions and appear in showcases.

I am almost ready to ready to show it to Andrzej and get his seal of approval. Once Andrzej approves it,it will be ready to be photographed and put out for the world to see.

Also in production are two other baskets. One was inspired by a friend,Prudence Theriault,saying to me that you should make a Sunshine Basket. That came about with all the rain the east coast has been experiencing lately. It is shaping up nicely.

The last new creation I am working on is a metaphysical basket which is quite a departure for me as well as so fun to create. I have polled people to see what they would like to see in such a creation and I am going from there.

I will give you two little hints of what will be included. Both have to do with relaxation. One comes in a case and one comes in a bottle. Ruminate on that for awhile.

I can’t wait till they are all ready for public viewing! Stay tuned!

Have a sunny day!

Hi Elaine,

To answer your questions:
1. Who are you and how can the public visit your place of business?Name: Ginger Donnan
Business Name: Ginger Donnan Events
Phone: 201-360-0622

2.How do you describe your company?
Ginger Donnan Events is an event management firm that produces conferences, fundraisers, networking receptions and other special events that are suited to your business and its goals. Services include: master event plan, budgeting, site selection, contracts, food and beverage, décor, entertainment, audio visual, photo/videography, transportation, invitations, responses, material writing and production, gifts, activities, event staffing, on-site management and evaluation.

What is your message to your client?
see next question
Why should they care about your business?
They shouldn’t care about my business, they should care about their own and how I can help them reach their event goals.
3. For all the aspiring entrepreneurs out ther,what’s the secret of your success?
Know your business inside and out before you go out on your own. Even so, there’s still so much to learn. Be a “yes” person but manage expectations and then overdeliver.
4. Who are four dinner guests you would like at your table? (It can be anyone…past and present) (historical,celebrity,family,etc.) Why? My significant other and my best friends.
What is the best gift you ever received? the gift of friendship6. What is your guilty pleasure? chocolate

7.What is the Most Fabulous Place you ever visited? Rome, both times

8.What are the Finer Things in Your Life? As an independent event planner, I now get to enjoy the down season, which means travelling.

Best regards,
Office: 201-360-0622

My dear friend Andrzej Marianski,an esteemed and wonderful dance teacher ,recently asked me to make a dance basket for an event he is doing. I am working on it as a labor of love. Number one is because of my respect and high esteem for Andrzej. Two is because of my passion for ballroom and Latin dancing. I am such a perfectionist that it has to be perfect before I give it to Andrzej. I can’t wait to photograph it and put it online.

Yesterday one of my friends,Prudence Theriault,suggested that I make a Sunshine Basket. I thought how interesting and asked her what her ideas for this creation were. She gave me her input such as flip flops,Ray Bans,tropical music and more

Today I started playing around with a basket on that theme. I really like it and will continue to add and delete items until I feel it is ready for viewing.

I started to also play around today with a Metaphysical Basket. That is so fun creating. It was fun mixing colors and getting the right effect.I will give you just a hint of some of the items I was playing around with. One is a scented candle and another was a relaxation CD by Prudence’s husband Chris.

Again,I will continue to work on both baskets until I feel they are ready to be shown!

Have the fun is in the creating. Stay tuned!

I was one of those people who always complained that she DIETED and could not lose those insidious ten to twenty pounds.

What I denied to myself is that I picked extra food and never counted it.

How did I expect to lose weight?

In 2001 I decided to become serious and join Weight Watchers. That was my turning point. I went to the meetings continuously and got weighed weekly.

The weight started to come off slowly but it did. When I reached goal weight,I decided to lose a few more pounds.

I won’t lie and say it is an easy journey and that I am done.

It is an uphill battle all the time.

Last year I gained seven pounds because I was not tracking and getting weighed.

May first of 2010 I got serious and took the weight off.

This winter I did not gain seven pounds.

I fluctuate within a couple of pounds but I am thinner than I was at the age of 20.

The meetings help and so does the accountability and the other people I meet at the meetings.

I have a fantastic leader Ellen who really cares.

This weekend after the meeting we are doing a 5K walk and then lunch.

Weight Watchers is definitely one of  The Finer Things in Life for Me because it keeps me on track and feeling good about myself!

Name ~ Melissa Fife
Title ~ Owner & cupcake designer

Business ~ Cupcakes By Missy
Address  ~ West Harrison NY
Website ~
Phone ~ 914-426-5650
2.How do you describe your company?
Custom cupcakes for your special events
What is your message to your customer?
Our cupcakes look as good as they taste and they taste delish
Why should they care about your business?
We deliver a quality designer cupcake that will make your guests say WOW
3. For all the aspiring entrepreneurs out there, what’s the secret of your success?
The secret of my success is hard work! I work constantly, I cant stop because I want to take my business to the next level. I am driven by my extreme desire to succeed and I have passion for what I do. If you don’t love what you do, your doing the wrong thing! 
4.Who are the four dinner guests you want at your table? It can be anyone….past and present 
 artha Stewart, Oprah, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama; all of these woman are my role models in their own ways. All strong take-charge woman that I would love to pick their brains about how to be successful and balance their lives at the same time.

5.What is the best gift you ever received? 
My children, they are my inspiration, my strength and my motivation. I was a young mother and I have grown up with my children, they are amazing with different personalities and goals, so different but so very much the same. And they are all very involved in my business, each in their own way. I hope they can step up and take over one day. 
6.What is your guilty pleasure?
Monthly massages, mani & pedi. I treat myself too. Its more of a necessity then pleasure, well, that’s what I tell my husband!
7.What is the most Fabulous Place you ever visited? 
Puerto Rico on our honeymoon. The hotel was fabulous, the food was heavenly and most of all the company was supreme. We toured the rain forest, swam in the ocean, had a bon-fire on the beach, it was magical. Cannot wait to go back!
8.What are The Finer Things in your Life? 
I love bags and shoes, I can never turn down a beautiful pair of shoes or a luxurious handbag! Its my weakness.

Thanks and have a sweet day ~

Melissa Fife ~ Cupcakes by Missy


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