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Unique,Creative,Classy are all adjectives that enter into my vocabulary.Irene Goldman’s “Uniquely Yours Invitation Boxes” lived up to my expectations!

They are eye catching as well as geared to all occasions and budgets.

I was impressed by Irene as well as her invitation boxes.

Here is the interview that followed:

Questions for Interview

The Finer Things in Life- Eight Questions for Someone Fabulous

1) Give me your vitals and how the public can visit your place of business

a) Name- Irene Goldman


c) Business Name- Uniquely Yours Invitation Boxes

d) Phone- 732-951-3977


2a) How do you describe your company?

We make unique custom designed invitation boxes hinting at what is yet to come.

2b) What is your message to your client?

Your dreams,visions and personality come true . Use your imagination and creativity!

3) For all the aspiring entrepreneurs out there,what is the secret of your success?

Hard Work, Perseverence, Believing in Yourself and Your Product!

4) Who are the four dinner guests you would want at your dinner table? It can be anyone including from the past or present. (historical figure,celebrity,family member,etc.) Why?

a) Maryann Stein- my first teacher who believed in me

b)monolithic religon began-originators of it and how it came about.One representative of each religon.I want to see and understand the differences and similarities and see if we can be united and instead of separate.

c) my father- It would be great to have one more night with him. He passed away a few years ago.

d)representatives of the Constitution-Would love to see what they meant and wanted for our country. Would love to find out how they worked together.

5) What is the best gift you ever received?

my three kids

6) What is your guilty pleasure?

coffee and newspaper first thing in the morning before going to work

7) What is The Most Fabulous Place You Ever Visited?

Paris and Venice- so romantic

8)What are The Finer Things in Your Life/

my family and friends

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