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ImageImage Creativity is in my blood! I am always thinking what I can create and learn next.

The desire to learn to bake and decorate cookies was fueled when Christine Brower posted in Facebook her amazing engagement ring cookies as shown here. In subsequent months I viewed other amazing cookies such as The Little Mermaid and just knew I wanted to be able to do that.

Recently,Christine invited me to a networking event in New Jersey and Annette Davidson and i were talking about Christine’s cookies. We both said that it would be great if Christine would give us a class.

Well,I wrote to Christine and asked her and she was gracious enough to say yes. I arrived at Christine’s home a couple of weeks ago not knowing what to expect but knowing I was going to have fun and be put to work.

I was awed by all of the plastic bins with cookie cutter shapes from holidays to weddings to children’s themes and much more. She had all of the colorings and glitters and so much more.

I knew this was going to be serious when Christine asked me if I could tie my hair back. A little bit of hair does not add to the flavor of the cookies! We put all of the various ingredients in a bowl such as the butter,sugar and flour.

Now,the serious part began. I have baked cookies before but never with the kneading and rolling. I kneaded and kneaded and even when I thought I kneaded enough there was still more kneading to be done.

Next,the rolling out of the dough began. The dough has to be just right. It can’t be too thick or thin. When we started cutting out our shapes, if one shape was too thick or thin, we had to do it again.

I forgot to mention that I thought we were going to be making cookies for an event Christine had the following week. Did I tell you how thoughtful and generous Christine is? I was having a networking event of my own and Christine said that I should make cookies for my event. The shapes I picked were a wedding dress, an engagement ring and a teapot.

Well, after all of the kneading and rolling out, I cut out my shapes and the baking began. We had to watch the cookies very carefully so they were not under baked or too brown.

I never realized how time consuming the whole process is and before we knew it it was early evening and no time for the decorating lesson.

Don’t worry because this story has a happy ending! Christine offered to decorate my cookies and deliver the cookies to me before my event which she did last week. The cookies you see are the finished product. Not only were they beautiful but delicious as well!

Very shortly I am going back to Christine’s and have  part two of my lesson. I am going to lern to decorate so stay tuned for the next part of my baking adventure.

Thanks to Christine Brower! You rock!

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Ten years ago my list of The Finer Things in My Life would have been a little bit different than it is today. It goes to show how we change and evolve,which is a good thing. The last thing I want to be in any area of my life is stale and stagnant.

Ten years ago my list might have included items such as  a boat that sleeps four, a second home and a new wardrobe every season. Now,don’t get me wrong! These items are still on My Wish List but my has changed because I realize what really makes my life FINE!

My mother always said when I was growing up that she was content. I always felt that was a cop out but now I KNOW that what she was saying was that she was satisfied with what she had. If she got more, she would be fine. If things stayed the same,she would be perfectly fine also! What I aim for each precious day of my life is to be content and grateful for what I have like my fabulous mom Jeannette!

Here is Elaine’s List of The Finer Things in Her Life as of June 22,2012:

1)Having had the two most wonderful parents in the world- Jeannette and Louis.

2)Growing up with two extra fathers and mothers who doted on my sister and me.

3)My wonderful sister Myra

4)My nephew Jon

5) Great cousins

6) Most amazing friends who are always there for me in countless ways.

7) Having an amazing man in my life who is proud of me and tries to lift me up when I am down.

8) Thanks to my wonderful dad I was lucky to get into teaching because it brought me gratification while I was doing it and afforded me to be able to do other things now.

9) I have met wonderful people in the wedding community who are supportive of my work and some of which have become my friends.

10) I have been lucky to have a great apartment in the heart of New York City.

11) Having been lucky enough to travel throughout the U.S. and beyond. Not finished yet!

12) Being able to work in a creative field where I never get bored or stagnant because I am always asked to reach for more and create something new.

13) When I teach workshops for The Baby Sign Program,it keeps my hand in teaching but this time I am working with parents as well as children so they can communicate before the young child can talk.

14) My good health

15) Learning to cook something new

16) I am currently learning how to bake and decorate cookies!

17) Having the time to sit outside and read a book.

18) Dancing smooth and Latin Dances.

19) Having been lucky to have met Andrzej Marianski who has taught me to dance and has also become my friend.

20) Zumba

21) Laughing

22) Looking forward to learning something new.

23) Continually being amazed by seeing new things all around me.

24) Proud of myself when I can fix something on my own and not ask for help.

I am going to stop at 25 for now. Here is number 25!

25) Never taking each moment or day for granted. “Life is a gift.”

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A few months ago I was lucky enough to meet Annette Davidson. I was dying to go and support Sandi Silva’s Launch Party for Weddings for Heroes. I could not seem to get there or back and did not want to do it alone since it was a distance away.

Annette posted on Facebook that we should talk because we could go together. I wound up inviting Susan Ng also and the three of us went,came back together and helped at the event to be part of such an amazing organization.

Since then I have seen Annette a few more times including a couple of weeks ago when Christine Brower began teaching us to bake and decorate cookies. Part two is coming up shortly!

I asked Annette if she would let me interview her and you are lucky enough to read about this lovely lady who has a great vision!

                                              Questions For Interview

The Finer Things in Life- Eight Questions for Someone Fabulous

1) Give me your vitals how the public can visit your place of business.

A) Name- Annette Davidson

B) Title- Chief Event Specialist

C) Business Name- Poise and Perfection Events

D) Address- NYC

E) Phone- 973- 996- 8240

2A) How do you describe your company?

It’s a one-stop shop for all your event needs.

2B) What is your message to your clients?

The company’s tag line is: “The Art of Perfection, Your Vision with Poise.”

3) For all the aspiring entrepreneurs out there, what is the secret to your success?

Never give up on your dream and do unto others as you do unto you!

4) Who are four dinner guests you would like at your dinner table? Why

A) Margaret Thatcher-her tenacity. She did not allow the old boy’s network to affect her.

B) Michael Marley-former Prime Minister of Jamaica- When I was growing up in Jamaica, he taught self-reliance.

C)Queen Noor- King of Jordan’s wife- She did not allow anything to affect her dream.

D) my dad- He passed away when I was a teenager. I wish he were here to see what I have accomplished.

5) What is the best gift you ever received? Why?

education- I owe education to my accomplishments.

6) What is your guilty pleasure?

drinking Jamaica White Rum. J Wray and Nephew- Brand Name

7)What is The Most Fabulous Place You Ever Visited?

Hiroshima, Japan because of the bombing and to see how they bounced back.

8) What are The Finer Things In Your Life?

My family and my inner circle of friends because of their ability to deal with me.

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