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It was not a big surprise that led me to watch season one of Renee Strauss’s “Brides of Beverly Hills. Renee comes across as spunky, personable, knowledgeable and caring.

Then Renee and I became Facebook friends. Recently, Renee posted that she was going to be in town for New York Bridal Week. I asked her if I could interview her for my blog and she was gracious enough to accept and give me the opportunity. She has provided me with everything I need and more. I am so happy to have gotten acquainted with this lovely lady and learn what makes her tick. She is as nice on television as she is off.

Questions for Interview

“The Finer Things in Life”- Eight Questions for Someone Fabulous

1) Give me your vitals and how the public can visit your place of business.

A) Name-

Renee Strauss

B) Title-

Founder, Creative Director

C) Business Name-

Renee Strauss for the Platinum Bride

D) Address-

653 N. La Cienega Blvd., West Hollywood, Ca. 90069

E) Phone-

(310) 657-1700

F) Website-

2A) How do you describe your business?

Couture bridal salon

2B) What is your message to your clients?

We provide experiential bridal shopping, in that we shop the world for you.

3) For all the aspiring entrepreneurs out there, what is the secret to your success?

We all live in the present, yet we invest our time, energy, and talent for the future. Therefore, we must our way to create the future we dream about. I continually look for opportunities that are brand appropriate and seek out like-minded professionals to collaborate with, which helps me to progress my business in a positive direction.

4)  Who are four guests you would like at your dinner table? Why? They can be from the past or present, historical figures, celebrities, family members.

    A) Ralph Lauren- because his ability to build an iconic brand from his vision of lifestyle is a unique achievement. Most companies are built on the strength of an individual item, and further growth stems from that item. Ralph Lauren, however, is a visionary. His persona and lifestyle are reflected in his brand. I would love to engage in dinner conversation with him.

B) Joseph Bloomingdale- another visionary, invented what would become a model for consumers in most western cultures, the department store. I would love to relive that history and and hear his insight.

C) Golda Meir- the former Israeli Prime Minister, was not only pragmatic, but she also had a tremendous sense of humor. One of my favorite quotes of hers is from a conversation she had with an American. The American complimented Golda Meir on the generals in the Israeli Army and how the U.S. could use a few of their own. To which Meir responded, “We in Israel could use a few of your generals, such as General Electric and General Motors. She and I are also both Jewish mothers.

D) American comedian Lucille Ball was able to perform in all mediums including radio, stage, film, and television. I adore breaking boundaries. She faced many obstacles, but never gave up.

5) What is the best gift you ever received? Why?

The greatest gift I ever received is my diamond eternity band. This particular gift is special to me because it represents the love I share with my husband.

6) What is your guilty pleasure?

Cadbury milk chocoate and reality TV- preferably at the same time!

7) What is The Most Fabulous Place You Ever Visited?

The Isle of Capri, where my husband and I got married. We try to visit at least every two years.

8) What are The Finer Things in Your Life?

Our beautiful home in Laguna Niguel, my gourmet kitchen, and of course my elegant bridal salon.

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