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ImageWhat does it take to be creative?

1)Do you try new things that sometimes take you out of your comfort zone?

2) Does your imagination take you to new and exciting places?

3)Do you experiment with new ideas?

4) Do you believe that nothing ventured is nothing gained?

Then,you have creativity in your soul. You don’t think”I can’t!” You feel excited about new possibilities that can happen if you try. If it doesn’t work the first time,you try again.

Do you think any great invention or innovative idea worked the first time. It is always trial and error until that magic moment occurs.

When I make a new gift basket or use a container that I have never used before,I never know if it is going to work until I see how it looks. It make work in my head but it may not look the same in reality. I usually have to make some tweaks until it looks the way I had imagined it.

I created my Gift Basket Making Class so adults and children alike can gain the confidence to know that they can create beautiful gifts without breaking the bank. When you give a handmade gift for a birthday gift, a housewarming gift or any of the many occasions and events that occur throughout the year,the recipient is touched by the thought of how you care.

Since I was an early childhood teacher for a long time,teaching is in my blood. These workshops are perfect for a group of children for an activity at a birthday party or just as an activity on a rainy afternoon.

Children are free and able to express themselves. I love to see the joy on their faces when they have completed their basket and know it belongs to them and they are taking it home. The confidence it builds is worth everything!

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Gobble! Gobble! to one and all! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holiday and never ceases to bring me joy and happiness each year.Whether it is sunny,cloudy,rainy,snowy,cold or warm, I still get that warm,cuddly feeling inside each year.

For me,it is not  about the food but the people I get to spend the holiday with! Family and friends are so important to me. They make me laugh and sometimes cry but they are always there for me through the good times and the bad times. That’s why I look forward toseeing them sitting around the Thanksgiving table reminding me why they are so important to me!
Don’t get me wrong about the food. I like pumpkin pie as much as some of you do and the next day starving and working out is MANDATORY but it is worth it!
Family and friends appreciate when they know you have been thinking about them. We all bring pies and wine when we are guests at a Thanksgiving Feast but isn’t nice to sometimes surprise people and think outside of the box.
Our Thanksgiving ATurkey Gift Basket is a perfect gift to bring to your feast or send it to loved ones you cannot see this year.
We can include such food items such as cranberry sauce,stuffing,sweet potatoes,and pumpkin pie as well as non-food items such as a fall picture frame, a candle as well as a Pilgrim and more.
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Stand out from the rest!  Be unique!

I always say if everyone is doing it or wearing it, I do something else.

Can you believe Halloween is about two weeks away?Where did summer go? Halloween is a fun holiday for children and adults alike. When else can you dress up in your fantasy outfit and look and feel like a completely different person? I can’t think of many other times that I can talk about in public Can you?

Children spend weeks planning their outfits so they can go door to door with their parents or to a friend’s party and getting goodies.

Adults also go to their parties and might even be in a contest for “Best Costume.”

Well,don’t forget that if you are invited to a Halloween Party,the proper thing to do is to bring the host or hostess a “gift.” Most people bring wine or chocolates.

Again,think out of the box. That is where our Halloween Gift Baskets come in! We even do our baskets in pumpkins including candy corns,ghosts,witches and much more. They make a statement and will be appreciated!

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