The Finer Things in Life

Wow, Look at Me! I Can Decorate Cookies…..

Posted on: July 19, 2013

Creating is in my blood! Last year Christine Brower taught Annette Davidson and myself to bake delicious cookies. There is so much more involved that I ever realized.There so many different colors and shapes and designs to think about after you roll out the dough.

Recently, Christine invited the girls back and we got right into the decorating part of cookies. She had  samples and then I got to try my hand at copying what Christine has been doing since she was a young child.

I am inspired to see if I can recreate what Christine has taught me. Just this week Christine sent to  me a cookie  recipe and an icing one too. I am going to practice rolling out the dough and baking my cookies. When I feel that the cookies are good enough, I am going to move onto the icing part and practice until I get good enough with that part. Then,I will move onto phase three and start to decorate!!!!

My plan is to keep practicing until I feel they are good enough to share with other people. The way I feel is this: If I can get proficient enough to make an eye catching gift basket as well as memorable scrapbooks,then I can do this too if I Practice,Practice and Practice!

I will keep you updated on my progress. I am so excited to learn something new as ALWAYS!

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