The Finer Things in Life

Memories Are Forever!

Posted on: June 28, 2013

Do you remember when we received letters and cards from those we cared about? It was wonderful to be able to keep those special ones in a Memory Box and look at them from time to time. How I treasure letters and cards from loved ones who are no longer around!

It is not the way it is today! We email our messages and thoughts via email. Facebook has become the easy way to convey our congratulations and warm wishes on those important occasions. “Hard copies” sometimes mean much more and show that we took the time to go that extra mile!

Scrapbooks are one way to have that “hard copy” and keep memories alive.Ever since I was a little girl, I loved to make scrapbooks. I started by cutting out pictures from magazines and pasting them into a scrapbook and drawing frames all around them. Then, my final touch was to add stickers. I next graduated when I was a little older to making scrapbooks for friends and relatives as gifts on important occasions.

My first one was a biographical one for my dad on an important birthday. I asked all of his sisters to send photos and I started from his birth to the present. I added the written as well as the artistic embellishments.

My next one was after my sister’s bridal shower. That one was totally different because I got to use all of the feminine touches such as floral embellishments and included all of the messages her friendsImage and family sent her.

I still continue to do those gifts. They are a labor of love! I have branched out since then and do them as part of my business.For me, it is a process. If I am doing just the cover of the scrapbook so the person can fill the scrapbook themselves, I get to know something about the person so the cover reflects their personality. If I am doing the whole scrapbook,I lay out everything I have been given including photos and all of the little notes and memories and see what the theme is and what embellishments fit to make each page POP!

Scrapbooks are wonderful gifts as well as ways to mark certain milestones in your child’s life as well as to remember those special occasions.

For me, I love to see the smile on the recipient’s face when I present them with the finished product. I love to create and the artistic side of me comes out when I make a scrapbook as it does when I create a customized gift basket.

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