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You Can Do It Too!

Posted on: May 16, 2013

Joanna's Gift Basket

Doubts! Insecurities! Fears! We all have them but the trick is to not let them define you. We all have talents that we have not tapped into. I am going to tell you a little secret. Whether you believe it or not, we are all creative! 

When you were a little child,you used your imagination and created building and cities with your blocks and lives for your dolls.

Now that you are grown nothing has changed except for that little voice that says,I am not creative so why try!

I love making customized gift baskets so much that I wanted to show children and adults alike that anyone can create a customized gift basket taking a simple basket with some shred, tissue paper and a few items to create a theme such as Gourmet Foods or Spa Basket and turn it into a gift ready to give and bring joy to a friend or family member. The trick is to just try.

A few months ago I met Joanna Castellanos at one of my workshops. She had the enthusiasm and the willingness to learn but wasn’t sure what to do. This workshop was a basic one where I teach how to create a beautiful gift basket on a budget.

Joanna surprised herself as well as everyone else. She took the time to think out her color scheme as well as the placement of her items. Then she added embellishments such as ribbons and bows. Of course, I photographed the whole process. Joanna was hooked and started asking when we would do another workshop. I knew when I was going to do a workshop geared toward Mother’s Day and Father’s Day that Joanna was one person that I had to contact about it and I did.

A couple of weeks ago my friend Harriet and I did the workshop geared toward Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Joanna was in attendance and she was eager to get started. Joanna was so ready to tap into her creativity. She decided to create not one, not two but three gift baskets. One was for Mother’s Day, the second was for Father’s Day and the last one had some travel elements in it. She carefully chose her baskets as well as every item and embellishment that she decided to use. Joanna took her time to place every item and even took them apart until she was satisfied with the results. She felt so good with what she had created by herself with a little guidance here and there from Harriet and myself. I was “WOWED!” Each  basket was going to be given as a gift and the recipient would know and feel the love that went into the creating. You get such a feeling of satisfaction that you are capable of such beauty.

I told Joanna that I was going to write a blog about her accomplishments and she was thrilled. She now wants to take a workshop on shrink wrap. As I said,once you just dive in and see that you are more than you thought you were,the rest is Easy!

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