The Finer Things in Life

Let’s Be Creative!

Posted on: March 20, 2013

Image Does this sound familiar? “I am not creative!” “I am too analytical to make anything!”

Well, I am here to tell you that if you have two hands and ten fingers you can definitely create It is good for relaxation,for confidence and for the chance you take to try something new and know that you can. Remember The Little Engine who kept saying “I think I can” and finally did. It is like no other feeling.

When I was revamping me website a couple of years back and my website designer Nick Dua made me stop and think when he reminded me that because I come from an educational background when I used to teach in The New York City Public Schools, that I might want to think of teaching workshops in “How to Create Your Own Gift Basket.” I immediately loved the idea for introducing children as well as adults to the wonderful world of creating something with your own imagination and hands.Nick put it onto my website and the idea was launched.

Since then I have given workshops to children as a fun activity at a birthday party. They get so excited and caught up in the whole activity and are amazed at what they can create. Children are very open and are not as resistant,usually,as some adults to their creativity. The best part is that everyone goes home with their creation.I have also done workshops at Sweet Sixteen Parties as wel as atBachelorette and Bridal Parties. I just love to see everyone’s reaction when they realize that they are creative and are astounded at what they CAN DO!

Recently,I have done a lot of workshops for women who want to create a gift basket on a budget. This whole winter I have heard again over and over that they are not creative! In the end,each creation is amazing and so totally different. I supply everything one neeeds. All each person needs to bring is an open mind and the ability to let go of preconceived notions and just have fun.Just take a look at what Jennifer Chung created just a couple of weeks ago. She already decided she was going to display her creation on her table so she could be reminded of what she created.”If you dream it, you can create it!”
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